"I found out a long time ago, it's more fun being the wicked witch than the helpless princess."
- Tammy Faith

About us!

My name is Gabi and I am the owner and founder of The Nordic Wolfie!
I started this shop in November 2019 and was called "Wiccawolfie" until recently when I haf a big change in my life and I could no longer identify myself as a Wiccan. I have a long line of Vikings, Kings, Saints and Witches in my family but for 15 years, I was taught magic by elderly sisters who only knew magic from other cultures, and not Swedish regional folk magic.

I first started seeing spirits when I was very young and it wasn't until i was older that i realized what I was able to see, hear, feel and touch - energies that had passed. Over the years I have developed my abilities as a medium and also my witchcraft, and connecting with my ancestors daily through my craft and practice is a blessing.
By coming across likeminded people through social media, my life became a wake up call to me and after many months of shadow work and learning more about who i truly am, I have accepted who I am and what I am capable of.

In January 2019 I decided to become a wolf momma and I found my Valkyria (Kira).
I have always loved wolves so the decision to get a Siberian Husky had been on my mind since I was a small child, with my bedroom walls covered in posters of wolves.
I started experimenting with her and with crystals and what I learned was incredible! I began researching again to find out more and it all made sense how animals and spirituality fits so perfectly together and what more we can learn!  
I am closing in on my 2 year anniversary for this shop and I continue to learn new things and teach others what I know and it is a powerful process and healing mechanism.
I am only using materials that can be found in Sweden and Swedish culture, with the exeption of some crystals that I have gotten from a reliable source, because I truly believe in the powers of crystals and thinking about how the Vikings flew across the sea, bringing treasures back home from other cultures, I see no harm in using something thas isn't originally from Sweden, if it is used with complete respect!